The Cannabis Institute offers a turnkey solution for employers in the Cannabis Sector through its strategic partnership with experienced Industry experts Sage Skills Development.

We prepare businesses for better customer service in the marketplace through providing competency solutions via our platform in real time, on demand, and anywhere, to empower their workforce with vital skills.

The directors and key delivery personnel have been involved in the training and skills development arena since 1990 and the Institute’s strategic delivery partner Sage Skills Development has full accreditation status with merSETA (manufacturing, engineering and related services SETA).

The skills development services compliance team, comprises of experienced industry professionals, including qualified SDF’s, Assessors, Moderators and project managers across various Seta’s.

These subject matter experts have helped companies effectively manage compliance risks across various sectors when implementing company workplace skills plans related to relevant occupational categories.

Online Courses & Qualifications

If your preferred learning style is one that’s flexible, practical and relevant, then The Cannabis Institute’s online courses and qualifications are your answer in mastering the Cannabis Sector.

Our online courses and qualifications allow you to add relevant, valid qualifications and business skills to your CV while letting you work at the same time. These courses provide complete flexibility as you choose your own time and place to participate in the course discussions and activities, while still enjoying dedicated access to your course tutor and other students through a highly interactive virtual learning platform environment.

Online mentors at TCI are experts in their field, and will provide you with relevant up-to-date information, as well as superior support in order to assist you every step of the way.

TCI’s short courses provide prospective students with an opportunity to gain attitudes, skills and knowledge in the domains of Cannabis Sector Management, Business Administration and Horticulture.

The e-learning platform allows students with the opportunity to network with their peers and share ideas on how to improve existing processes and procedures in their current work environments.

TCI empowers and equips current and future leaders through Medical Cannabis education to effectively and efficiently manage in an age of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity specifically around Cannabis legislation and the new era of social distancing.

Our innovative, responsive and flexible learning solutions are grounded on the premises of relevant and quality competence-based tuition, customer service and learner support excellence, and dynamic partnership with industry leaders.

In the Knowledge Economy, a significant part of a company’s value may consist of intangible assets such as the value of its workers’ knowledge or intellectual capital.

The Cannabis Institute offers strategic business solutions addressing how “human capital,” can serve as a productive asset or business product to be sold and exported to yield profits for the individuals, businesses, and the South African economy.

Our Institutes skills development services and products are strategically positioned in the Global Knowledge Economy as outlined by the World Bank’s 4 pillars, namely:

  • Institutional structures that provide incentives for entrepreneurship and the use of knowledge
  • Availability of skilled labour and a good education system
  • Access to information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures
  • A vibrant innovation landscape that includes academia, the private sector, and civil society

The Cannabis Institute ensures that this investment provides a real bottom line return to companies when engaging in employment and upskilling of a skills pool to realize its business objectives in the Cannabis Sector.

It is for this reason that we endeavor to provide stakeholder-centered, innovative and strategic Legal, HR and Skills Development services to enable our clients and students to comply with legislation enabling good corporative governance, creating the platform to employment where employers can empower and retain their employees for the competitive advantage in the market.

The intellectual capacity of the personnel is rich in diversity and depth with graduates in the trades, business, human resources, accounting, law, project management, psychology, and medical doctors and nursing personnel enabling The Cannabis Institute to execute successful delivery in the challenging world of skills development and Medical Cannabis.

Our passionate staff are both client and learner-centered, and are instilled with a desire to find customised and innovative solutions to our stakeholders’ expectations and student needs.

The Institute provides a service offering to clients and students that allows access to specialised skilled professionals. This project-focused human capital maximises efficient processes during service delivery, allowing clients to focus on their core business whilst engaging in the skills development of employees.

We provide dependable services within the Cannabis regulatory framework, ensuring the delivery of quality learning while delivering a maximum financial and strategic benefit for all clients across different industries in the Cannabis sector.

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