Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical Assistance

The qualification forms part of a number of career paths in the Cannabis Medicinal health sector and more specifically in the pharmacy sector, thereby promoting the notion of quality lifelong learning.

By assisting in the development of competence in this field this qualification, in the long term, will assist in addressing the government’s call for the training and development of an increased number of Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical professionals. In the short term, the qualification will directly assist in skilling pharmacist assistants to support the pharmacist in rendering a Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical service.

This qualification is structured to recognize the categories identified in the current legislation:

  • Retail Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical.
  • Community or Hospital Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical.
  • Institutional Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical.
  • Wholesale Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical.

This qualification is designed to meet the needs of learners who are either currently involved in the Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical field or who wish to be so in future. While the subfield at present is listed as Curative Health, this should be read to include Preventative Health, Promotive Health and Development Services, Curative Health and Rehabilitative Health Services.

The qualification will allow access to the Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical environment and may also open opportunities for adult learners who wish to develop their careers in one or more of the related categories.

The qualification will not only allow access to the Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical field but may also open up opportunities for learners who wish to develop their careers in one or more of the related categories. Through the integration of theoretical understanding and workplace learning, the learner may develop skills, knowledge and understanding that will directly improve performance in the work environment.

Individuals credited with this standard will have a clear understanding of medicinal Cannabis as it affects the human body and will be able to identify common conditions and ailments. In addition, they will be able to provide information relating to health and medicines within their scope of practice.

You will be able to:

  • Describe the effects of medicines on the human body.
  • Describe common conditions and minor ailments.
  • Provide information to promote health related to Medical Cannabis.

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