What is a Skills Program?

What is a Skills Program?

A Skills Program is occupationally based and when complete will constitute credits towards a Qualification registered on the NQF, on provision it is undertaken by a training provider accredited by an ETQA (Skills Development Act No.97 of 1998). A Skills Program is a type of Short Learning Program directed at a particular skill that might be required to improve performance.

The Skills Programs offered by The Cannabis Institute might include one, two or more Unit Standards and will be assessed against criteria to prove competence. The Skills Programs are all registered with a particular SETAs and therefore credits are accumulated and can be used, on achievement, as building blocks towards the particular Qualification where they occur.

Short Courses

A Non-Credit Bearing Short Course can be trained/delivered by a Skills Development Provider (SDP) to acquire a skill from any of the Qualifications or parts of Skills Programs offered by The Cannabis Institute. These can be clustered and contracted as required but will have Certificates of Completion.

There are short courses and credit bearing programs that are available for employers to access for their employees, and the Institute will assist employers to assess whether they are good quality and relevant programs.

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