Learning Management System

The Cannabis Institute eLearning LMS (Learning Management System) is accessible on-demand and on a range of devices, meaning the learning experience is no longer bound to a desk and can be accessed worldwide.

This saves the organisation valuable money; no more transportation costs, paperwork, instructor costs, or making employees take unnecessary time out of the working day to travel or be away to ‘learn”.

Connecting employees (Cohorts)

It is also worth taking away from focusing your efforts on just online training and also introducing your new employees to others in the company. This gives you the chance to really inspire your new hires to see the potential they have within the business and to also feel included and welcomed.

So much valuable information and expertise is locked inside the minds of employees, therefore it’s extremely valuable to expose your new employee to this.

By doing Online Training, you are able to quickly identify any issues or productivity gaps. This supports both the business and your people by being able to see what is or is not working and how to best support your staff moving forward.

Using feedback and analytics also helps you to address any productivity concerns, so your business can continue to move forward, and you have the confidence of knowing your staff are developing the right set of skills.

Upskilling Learning (AI) Artificial Intelligence is not getting rid of jobs. It is changing jobs.

These changes require the Learning & Development function to change, as well. Far from AI taking jobs away, it is creating new needs and opportunities that companies must be ready to face.

This means those in the training sector should have a new focus on the types of tools used to create and deliver learning, as well as what it takes to lead teaching and learning into the future.

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