In the online learning mode, The Cannabis Institute has curated all your training material into learning outcomes learner guides (e-books in PDF) for easy access, although you can move around in the subject material if you wish.  You will be allocated to an online e-lecturer who will assist you with queries, and e-tutorials, and keep you on track.  The course material is a combination of e-learning and pre-recorded videos that you work through systematically in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space. You can repeat any lesson or video at any time, which is impossible to do in class.  This means you can review difficult concepts slowly and often for deeper learning and insight.  You will have the same number of contact hours as a learner who completes the training in a classroom, just you will have more flexibility.

What are the entry requirements for online learning?

Learners must have a PC or tablet (or smart phone, but this could be too small for effective learning) with sufficient internet connectivity to download the online learning materials and view videos.

In addition, learners need to be proficient in English at National Senior Certificate level.

A good level of computer literacy is also an advantage.

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