Unit Standard 116072Perform Routine Operations and identify Basic Problems in Hydroponic Systems Unit Standard (Applied Title: Systems in Cannabis Farming)

Unit Standard 116066 : Operate and maintain specific irrigation systems

Unit Standard 116077 : Monitor Water Quality

Certificate: Yes

Credits: 9

Duration: Own pace

Delivery Mode: Online

Language: English

NQF Level: 2


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Unit Standard 116072 : Perform Routine Operations and identify Basic Problems in Hydroponic System

Applied Title: Systems in Cannabis Farming

  • Identify various growing media
  • Plants are manipulated as per instruction in the hydroponic production system.
  • Identify and report basic problems in the production system.
  • Basic understanding of hydroponics


Unit Standard: 116066 : Operate and Maintain Specific Irrigation Systems

  • Perform pre-start up inspection applicable to the relevant irrigation system.
  • Perform start-up and shut down procedures applicable to specific irrigation system
  • Irrigate crop according to given guidelines.
  • Care and maintenance of equipment and tools used during irrigation


Unit Standard: 116077 : Monitor Water Quality

  • Demonstrate an understanding of water quality management
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of water quality to agriculture
  • Demonstrate an ability to monitor and perform basic water quality tests and analyses.
  • Demonstrate an ability to perform and understand maintenance tasks on certain operational technical systems related to water quality

Note: It is highly recommended where possible, that learners completing this specialization should be computer literate. However due to the limited availability of computers in certain areas, the inclusion of compulsory computer literacy unit standards within the elective component may prevent learners from completing their qualification.

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