Business Opportunity: Learning Program for Unemployed Youth

Purpose, and Cannabis Industry Sector Relevance, of the Learning Program

Agenda 2063 is the blueprint and master plan for transforming Africa into the global powerhouse of the future. It is the strategic framework for delivering on Africa’s goal for inclusive and sustainable development and is a concrete manifestation of the pan-African drive for unity, self-determination, freedom, progress and collective prosperity pursued under Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance.

Our YEBO Project is founded on Aspiration 6 of Agenda 2063 which states, “An Africa where development is people driven, unleashing the potential of its Women and Youth”.

This learning Program is intended for Youth, specifically women and those with disabilities who wish to start, operate, manage and grow a new small to medium business venture. Youth will be equipped with a variety of technical, business managerial and personal skills and strategies to help them succeed in the creation and sustenance of a business.

This program specifies the key skills, knowledge and values required to access the Cannabis industries and overall sector.

It covers the learning outcomes required to participate in workplace-based learning programs for occupationally focused qualifications in the Cannabis Sector.

The purpose of the program is to develop the appropriate skills and knowledge required for the establishment and development of a small to medium business venture, and address the economic, administrative and behavioral (psycho-social) barriers that contribute to success in starting and sustaining the venture.

The successful Youth will develop a sound foundation for the application of these skills and knowledge to explore a diverse range of entrepreneurial opportunities across this new sector of the South African economy.

This program meets the needs of society by, primarily, providing youth who are able to apply the fairly complex knowledge and skills required to be an entrepreneur and thus contribute to the economic upliftment of themselves, their community and thereby the South African Nation as a whole.

Access to the YEBO Project:

Access to the YEBO Project is open to all enrolled learners on Module JMW 002: Explain Medical Cannabis pharmaceutical concepts and terms, who comply with the requirements of the current Regulations relating to Medical Cannabis Pharmacy Education and Training which are published in terms of the current legislation pertaining to Medical Cannabis Pharmacy SAHPRA (Scheduling of Cannabis and Specific Cannabinoids).

Such learners are expected to be:

  • In a contractual arrangement for a minimum period of 3 months with an Approved workplace or retail agency by The Cannabis Institute Council.
  • Trained by an Approved Tutor approved by The Cannabis Institute Council.
  • Registered as an intern DSA Learners with The Cannabis Institute Council for a minimum period of 3 months for workplace experience.Note: An approved workplace or retail agency offering training for DSA Learners must comply with the following:
    • Have current approval from The Cannabis Institute Council as a training site for the training of intern DSA Learners.
    • Have an Approved Tutor on the premises for the duration of the learning period.

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