Cultivation Specialist


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An in-depth grow course for those wanting to become experts in the craft of growing cannabis

What is Medical Cannabis ?
Male versus Female plant
Species (strains) of Cannabis  i.e. Sativa / Indica / Afghani / Ruderalis
Subspecies & Hybrids
Growing Medical Cannabis
Basic Requirements
Photosynthesis , Light, Air & CO2
Temperature & Humidity
Life Cycle of the Cannabis  Plant
Seed, Germination and Seedlings
Vegetative Growth and Flowering
Grow Outdoors
Indoors Soil Versus Hydroponics
Starting The Garden
Choosing the Right Area
Indoor & Outdoor Garden Security
Choosing the Growing Method
Gathering the Equipment
Setting Up the Area
Pruning and Trimming During Growth
Flowering & Harvesting
Curing: Step-by step instructions
Trouble Shooting Problems
Pests (bugs)& Diseases
Nutrient Disorders