Hemp Cultivation


Hemp Cultivation : From Seed to Harvest and Business Studies

  • Unit Standard 116291:Participate in the development and management of an Agri-Hemp business plan (Accredited) NQF 4 and 3 credits.
  • Unit Standard 13936: Outline the legal environment of a selected industry (Accredited) NQF 3 and 2 credits
  • Hemp Cultivation: Seed to Harvest (Aligned to Plant Production NQF Level 2)

Welcome to our Hemp Cultivation –Seed to Harvest and Business Study courses .  These courses qualify you to demonstrate an understanding of the general management functions within an agri-business.  This skills programme will provide you with the knowledge required to structure a rolling agri-business plan and advises on how the Hemp Business Sector is regulated. The programme also provides an investigation into Agronomic principles pertaining to industrial hemp as a field crop, including the cultivation, management and harvesting of hemp for various production methods. Cultivation practices including irrigation, fertilization, integrated pest management (IPM), air circulation and light control are examined for optimal crop quality and yield is also covered.

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