Monitor Water Quality


The learner achieving this unit standard will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of water quality to agriculture and to monitor and maintain water quality using established procedures. In addition they will be well positioned to extend their learning and practice into other areas of agriculture and water management.

Learners will gain an understanding of sustainable agricultural practices as applied in the animal-, plant and mixed farming sub fields. The application of maintaining water quality practices in primary agriculture is focussed on in this unit standard.

They will be able to participate in, undertake and plan farming practices with knowledge of their environment. A culture of maintenance and care will be instilled for both the environment as well as towards farming infrastructure and operations by this unit standard.

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Unit Standard: 116077 : Monitor Water Quality

NQF Level 2 | 3 Credits  |Notional Hours 30|


Demonstrate an understanding of water quality management

Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of water quality to agriculture

Demonstrate an ability to monitor and perform basic water quality tests and analyses.

Demonstrate an ability to perform and understand maintenance tasks on certain operational technical systems related to water quality.