Skills Development Offering

The Cannabis Sector Skills Development Offering

The skills programs and short courses on offer form part of a learning pathway for Cannabis Sector qualifications across the entire value chain in sub industries of the ecosystem.

It is specifically designed to develop subject matter competencies required by learners in any occupation in this new and evolving sector, specifically first line managers.

The skills programs further develop the key concepts, principles and practices of Cannabis Industry Management that will enable learners to lead, manage, organise and control first line Managers and Team Leaders in the Sector.

The students will typically have career aspirations to be manages or are currently in management who have other junior managers or team leaders reporting to them. In smaller organisations or entities, the managers could primarily be responsible for managing the supervisors and staff within their section, division or business unit.

The scope of Medicinal Cannabis Management covers five domains:

  • Leadership
  • Managing the environment
  • Managing relations
  • Managing knowledge
  • The practice of Cannabis management

The learning programs address each of these domains with generic competencies, so that it allows learning programs to be contextualized for specific industries across the value chain in the Cannabis Sector. This also provides opportunities for learners to transfer between various specializations’ within Cannabis Management.

This leads to the strengthening of management competencies and will enable managers at this level to manage successful systems, processes, resources, managers and teams in their various occupations and contexts.

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