Growing your Garden (Grow Basics)

Module ID: JMW S9: An introductory grow course for foundational grow knowledge

NQF Level 4 | 2 Credits | ZAR 1 000

  • Seeds and Seedlings
  • Vegetative Growth
  • Harvest
  • Flowering
  • Grow Rooms and Greenhouses
  • Outdoors
  • Case Study and Grow Calendar
  • Lamps, Lights and Electricity
  • Soil and Containers
  • Water and Nutrients
  • Hydroponic Gardening
  • Air
  • Pests, Fungi and Diseases
  • Hash and Oil Making
  • Breeding

Note: It is highly recommended where possible, that learners completing this specialization should be computer literate. However due to the limited availability of computers in certain areas, the inclusion of compulsory computer literacy unit standards within the elective component may prevent learners from completing their qualification.

The Cannabis Institute

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