NQF Level: 4

Certificate: Yes

Credits: 5

Duration: 30 days

Delivery Mode: Online

Language: English


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Welcome to our Hemp Cultivation – Seed to Harvest  and Business Study courses.

These courses qualify you to demonstrate an understanding of the general management functions within an agri-business.

This skills programme will provide you with the knowledge required to structure a rolling agri-business plan and advises on how the Hemp Business Sector is regulated.

The programme also provides an investigation into Agronomic principles pertaining to industrial hemp as a field crop, including the cultivation, management and harvesting of hemp for various production methods.

Cultivation practices including irrigation, fertilization, integrated pest management (IPM), air circulation and light control are examined for optimal crop quality and yield is also covered.

The credit calculation is based on the assumption that those starting to learn towards this unit standard have no previous assessment experience. It is assumed, though, that the candidate-assessors have evaluative expertise within the area of learning in which they intend to assess.

Participate in the development and management of an Agri-Hemp business plan

Course Learning Outcomes:


Demonstrate an understanding of the general management functions within an agri-business. 

Use a systems approach to structure an agri-business plan. 

Structure a rolling agri-business plan. 

Structure an agri supply chain to optimise the production to marketing flow. 

Implement an information system as planning and management support. 

Demonstrate an understanding of and implement risk planning within the monitoring process.

Outline the legal environment of a selected industry 

Course Learning Outcomes:


  • Identify the statutory elements in the structure of an organisation in a selected business sector 
  • Describe the structure of an organisation within their own business sector 
  • Explain how their own business sector is regulated 
  • Identify legislation that applies to their own business sector 

Hemp Seed to Harvest – Unit Standard aligned to :

Unit Standard SAQA ID 116053: Understand basic soil fertility and plant nutrition

Unit Standard SAQA ID 116206 : Fertilise soil and attend to basic plant nutrition

Unit Standard SAQA ID 116066: Operate and maintain specific irrigation systems

Unit Standard SAQA ID 116119: Demonstrate an understanding of plant propagation

Unit Standard SAQA ID 116079 :Monitor the establishment of a crop

Unit Standard SAQA ID 116111: Harvest agricultural crops: Procedures

Unit Standard SAQA ID 116124: Control pests, diseases and weeds on all crops effectively and responsibly

Unit Standard SAQA ID 116125: Apply crop protection and animal health products effectively and responsibly


Course Learning Outcomes :


This course provides an investigation of hemp as an agronomic and horticultural crop. Agronomic principles pertaining to industrial hemp as a field crop are explored, including the cultivation, management, and harvesting of hemp for fiber and seed production. Growing hemp under controlled environments for flower production will also be discussed. Cultivation practices including irrigation, fertilization, integrated pest management (IPM), air circulation, and light control are examined for optimal crop quality and yield.

This course is aligned to SAQA’s Plant Production Unit Standards.

Introduction to learning Outcomes include:
Accurately prepare and measure the appropriate quantity and quality of required soil nutrient preparations

Take an appropriate sample for nutrient analysis. 

Understand the properties of soil and soil composition. 

Identify and interpret the basic symptoms of nutritional deficiencies in crops. 

Apply appropriate nutrient substances to soils or crops under close supervision. 

Understand how to make compost and when to use it. 

Identify basic symptoms of nutritional deficiencies in different crops. 

Demonstrate a basic understanding of soil properties. 

Apply soil preparation tasks that require hand-held tools and low-technology ploughing implements. 

Perform pre-start up inspection applicable to the relevant irrigation system. 

Perform start-up and shut down procedures applicable to specific irrigation system. 

Irrigate crop according to given guidelines. 

Care and maintenance of equipment and tools used during irrigation. 

Recognise the environmental requirements for propagation in a specific agricultural production context. 

Identify appropriate propagation methods, applicable tools and equipment for specific agricultural production systems. 

Distinguish between successful and unsuccessful propagation under specific agricultural production context. 

Select, use and care for the appropriate tools and equipment used in the planting of a specific crop. 

Monitor the handling of planting material for successful establishment according to required procedures for a specific crop. 

Understand the impact of environmental conditions on the successful establishment of crops. 

Monitor the planting of plant material at correct spacing between rows, and individual plants, and at the correct depth for specific plant species. 

Select and use appropriate tools / equipment for pre-determined harvesting method. 

Carry out sampling for maturity indexing according to established and familiar procedures. 

Harvest crops. 

Harvest crops considering the necessary health, hygiene and safety during the procedure. 

Ensure the collection and transportation of waste. 

Care and maintain equipment used in cooperation with, and guiding others. 

Implement a pre-application plan. 

Mix correct pest control products at correct dose rate. 

Apply pest control product to crop or farm animals. 

Take the necessary safety and health precautions whilst applying pest control products. 

Product is stored correctly. 

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