Cannabis Grower Basics Skills Programme


This qualification and the resultant skills that are gained will have a positive contribution to the productivity and sustainability of existing plantations and those of emerging Cannabis/Hemp farmers. This in turn will address one of the South African National Priorities of reducing the level of unemployment and under employment.

The Core Component consists of modules totaling 11 credits.

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  • Module ID: JMW 009: Fertilise soil and attend to basic Cannabis plant/crop nutrition.
    • NQF Level 1 | 5 Credits
  • Module ID: JMW 010: Demonstrate a basic understanding of the structure and function of a Cannabis plant in relation to its environment.
    • NQF Level 1 | 4 Credits
  • Module ID: JMW 008: Collect Cannabis agricultural data.
    • NQF Level 1 | 2 Credits


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