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The first online, SAQA accredited CANNABIS training institute in SOUTH AFRICA which has the potential to create hundreds of career opportunities for all South Africans in the new Cannabis Sector of the Economy.

With the cannabis industry booming in South Africa, many entrepreneurs are jumping onto the bandwagon with scant and often an incorrect understanding of the legalities and more importantly how Medicinal Cannabis really works.

The market is set to grow at an amazing pace and can now be guided along the correct paths with e-Learning courses in the new era of social distancing on the entire value-chain covering healthcare, agricultural and business industries. The growing and marketing of Hemp is included and is the obvious next step with licenses being much easier to access.

The Cannabis Institute has strategically partnered with several South African companies namely CannaMed, The Cannabis Oil Research Group and Sage Skills Development.

The Cannabis Institute offers SAQA accredited and NQF aligned skills programs for future occupations and trades in the new Cannabis Sector as it evolves with government legislation and global trends.

The learning programs are designed to meet the needs of learners who are currently involved in the Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical and Horticultural field or who wish to be so in future.

The courses reflect the core needs of the Medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical environment. It aims to address these needs by capacitating learners with both the scientific knowledge and interpersonal skills required in the workplace. It especially takes cognisance of those learners who were previously disadvantaged and could not complete the required formal learning, by recognising the workplace as a learning environment and therefore addressing one of the key strategic objectives of the development and upliftment plans of our government as mentioned in the SONA 2020 speech.

“This year we will open up and regulate the commercial use of hemp products providing opportunities for small-scale farmers; and formulate policy on the use of cannabis products for medicinal purposes, to build this industry in line with global trends. The regulatory steps will soon be announced by the relevant ministers.”

The certificates issued will not only allow access to the Cannabis job market but may also open up opportunities for learners who wish to develop their careers in one or more of the related categories.

The timing is perfect as learners can download the application on any device (including cell phones, PCs, tablets and laptops) and can get their certificates online.


The Cannabis Institute quote from Jermaine West (CEO, Sage Skills Development):

Jermaine West said: “In the new era of e-Learning and necessary social distancing required with the reality of Covid-19, the development of online continuing medical education programs specifically related to Medicinal Cannabis with reputable scientific content is critical to fulfill sector education gaps and support needed in medical cannabis academic training among healthcare practitioners, traditional healers and frontline health care workers alike.

Our curriculum, education strategy, and relationship with Sage Skills Development, Cannabis Oil Research and Cannamed in South Africa, encourages our learner-centered care and patient-centered philosophy alike, which enables us to provide innovative and effective medical cannabis education and responsible prescription and recommendation of cannabinoid therapeutic protocols.

In the emerging field of medical cannabis, the partnership with Sage Skills Development means we can do this in an e-learning platform environment, outcome-based learning that will raise competence among South African healthcare professionals and traditional healers alike. This enables them to bring wider and more diverse treatment options to patients,” comments Jermaine West.

Jermaine West CEO, went on to say: “This partnership continues Sage’s innovation model in developing learning programs reaching rural and urban populations alike from the unemployed youth to entrepreneurs as well as those in the health care occupations, fields doctors and patients alike virtually, specifically in the new dawn of social distancing for healthy living.”

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